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Minors Getting Tattoos and Piercings

December 20th 2009 14:24
Belly buttons, nose piercings, cartilage piercings, and tattoos are all very common among young teenage girls and boys. Girls think they have to have their bodies pierced so that they're noticed, and boys will just be boys. But, is it right? Should parents really let their 13 year old daughter get her belly button pierced, or should dads go with their 14 year old sons for a first tattoo.

Personally, that's a no if you're asking me, but a parent will do what a parent wants to do when raising their child(ren). In some cases, it's easier to agree to it so that the child doesn't go behind the parent's back and do it anyway; at least that was one parent's excuse for letting her 15 year old daughter get a tattoo.

Young teens don't know what they want in life and really don't understand the consequences that may accompany a new piercing or tattoo. And, when it comes to tattoos, they are forever, at 16 does the child really know that for the rest of his/her life, having 'Luck' or 'Thug' tattooed on the body is what they're going to want?

So many adults get their tattoos removed a year, and their reason is, 'I got the tattoo when I was young and dumb and don't want to feel ashamed of it when people see it and ask about the tattoo. It's easier that it's gone than having to hide.'

Piercings are simple and can be temporary, but the scars can last a lifetime. Piercings can lead to mild to severe infection that shouldn't be taken lightly, Scarring from a piercing may be a lot easier to live with than a tattoo that is regretted later in life, but it's still not going to be pretty and depending on where it is, it may be very visible.

Most young girls don't realize that at 12-16 their body is still growing, and the navel piercing isn't going to just stay in one spot, it's going to migrate. Is it really worth getting the piercing, and having toe get it done again when it starts to migrate?

When it comes to jobs, young kids don't think about what they will do with a wrist tattoo, nape tattoo, or any other visible tattoo. Most employers WON'T hire people with visible tattoos and excessive piercings no matter what they're qualifications are. Arm tattoos can be covered, but what about the rest? And what about the summer? Do you really want to wear long sleeves in 90F heat? Some people do it, but is that for you?

Piercings and tattoos shouldn't be taken lightly. There are potential consequences, and no you do not want your child going behind your back to get it done anyway, but as a parent, should you just give in and let them do something you don't want them to?

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Comment by Anonymous

December 21st 2009 03:36
first off... Why are girls trying to get attention and boys are just being boys? I am a girl with a passion for piercings since I was a wee one and I am not irresponsible or trying to "get noticed." Which makes me wonder if you even know what you are talking about or just hastily wrote this to have your voice out on the web... how's it feel to be judged unfairly??

Second I'm happy that you are able to speak your opinion but honestly what a parent does is none of your business AT ALL. Not all parents are weak willed, spineless jelly fish and not all teens are rebels without a clue. For me it depends on the kid... really it does.

Third every piercer worth his/her autoclave will always warn people about the risks of tattooing and piercing so its not like everyone here is going through with things uninformed and if they are they will realize that later on in life and kick themselves in the head. Regardless, your post wasn't necessary.

I just really do not think its your place at all to talk about young people and tattoos and piercings just because you may or may not have some personal issues with it. Not everyone will like or even see your point of view and most know the risks. I found your post very condescending and I just think you had no right to judge people that way. We're not all stupid you know

Comment by Whitney

December 31st 2009 18:57
Just because it upset you, doesn't mean that I don't have the right to talk about it. This is my opinion, if you don't like it, I'm sorry.

Boys are not being just boys, and I never said all girls are getting piercings to show off, but some are and do.

Comment by Anonymous

February 20th 2010 15:18
I really want to get my nose pierced.

But my ears aren't even....

So, eh.

Comment by Anonymous

March 6th 2010 01:05
im 15....i have 2 piercings on each ear but all in different places and i am getting my belly button done when i go away for a school trip this spring break. next year i am hopefully going to get my nose and lip pierced because i will be old enough to go alone. on my spring break trip this upcoming week i think i will also be getting a tattoo..

Comment by Anonymous

May 21st 2010 07:39
I am 16 and I have 9 piercings, I have my ear lobes pierced twice in each ear and I have started gauging my ears, I am going to a size 0", I have my nose pierced and got it pierced at 14, I also had my lip pierced at 15, I got my industrial done at 16, My belly button pierced on Christmas eve of '09 and I recently let my mom pierce my cartilage. They all are either healed or are doing very good. I am also going down in a few months on my birthday to get two microdermals under my collarbones.
As far as my parents go they warn me about piercings and tattoos because I am going to have a lot of those too but they respect what I want, it is My life and whether they let me do it or not I will get them one day, it is my body and I think people need to respect that.
I don't have my body pierced because I want to get noticed, piercings are just something that I really enjoy, it's a form of self expression to me, it's not me being a rebellious teenager or me wanting to get noticed and stand out in the crowd, I like being different, if I wanted to get noticed I'd pierce everything on my face.
You may think it is irresponsible for my parents to let me get piercings, but like I said it is my body, and also they make sure it is something I really want, I do research on a piercing before I get it, read what I do to take care of it, look at the rejection rate, and I usually want it for a long time before they let me get it, except with my nose, they was a spur of the moment.
Anyways, I respect your opinion, but these are my thoughts.
And also, parents just need to think it through more and if it's a tattoo and where they are placing the tattoo, piercings aren't as bad I can handle scars if it happens, but as soon as I get the Money my mom is letting me get a tattoo of a zombie girl on my shoulder blade.
It is something I want and will not regret.

Comment by Anonymous

June 9th 2010 06:21
[All right check it. Im 17 have 9 tattoos and 8 piercings. 1 on the right eae and 3 on the left, my lip, tongue, nose and an anti eyebrow. I got my first tat at 13 and my last at 16. The same with my piercings. My first piercing was my tounge at age 12. There's nothing wrong with it.

Comment by Anonymous

September 15th 2010 11:12
Ok so im 15 years old, i have currently 6 peircings. i have my septum(middle of the nose,inbetween he nostrals), bellybutton, angelbites(upper lip on both sides) and my ears gauged to a double zero. all my peircings are clean and doing fine, and let me tell you, ive had numerous other peircings, they just werent for me. ive had my nose peirced, ive have my left monroe 2 becuase i know have angelbites, ive had my lowerlip, once just the right side and once with both sides, ive had my vertical labret done in the middle, and this is my 2nd time having my bellybutton. none of my peircings have been infected, nor have they had any problems. i just get times of them. and hey if i take them out there is no say that i cant have them redone.
my parents think of it this way- let her get it out of her system now so that when she gets out of school and wants to get a job maybe she will be out of this phase
what they done know is, peircing is a passion, not a phase

Comment by Anonymous

October 6th 2010 01:39
I'm 15, and I currently only have 4 piercings (2 in each ear), but I've got at least 2 more piercings and 4 small tattoos planned. I've thought throughly about each one, and I know all the consequences of having them done. I think if you put enough thought and effort into body art, not just hasty last minute decisions, they can turn out fine and you won't regret them. I think teenagers just need to think a bit more, and there wouldn't be so many regrets

Comment by Anonymous

October 19th 2010 22:05
I'm 13.
My piercings:
Anti-eyebrow (Rejected#
Industrial #Gone#
Dimples #Only have right one now)
and 1/2" gauges in each earlobe :')

Comment by Anonymous

October 20th 2010 03:19
I got my first piercing at 12 (tongue)
first tattoo at 12 1/2 & now i'm 17 i have 12 tattoos' and 8 piercings #nose, lip, ears, tounge, anti eyebrow.#

Nothing wrong with that.

Comment by Anonymous

April 11th 2011 16:21
How old are you? ......
Your picture is of six piercings on a belly button. You are contridicting yourself just by that picture alone. and what parents are you talking about, poor alchoholic parents? Not all parents are spineless my parents has a very strong spines. If you are going to make that claim then change your picture cause really I won't listen to someone who contridicts herself, i dont care how old that person is.

Comment by Whitney

April 18th 2011 00:14
I am 24. Thanks for asking. I'm not a young child who still needs parenting not restrictions. I am not 13 begging for a navel piercing.

Count again, try three piercing.

I never said parents were spineless. I said some parents would rather please the goin child or shut her/him up and allow the child to do whatever. I have spoken to a few coworkers who have this momentum and are great people, not addicts.

Comment by Anonymous

July 17th 2012 20:33
When I was 13 I pierced my own ears, 4 on the left and 3 on the right. I also pierced my nose at 13 years old. I am now 14 going to be 15 soon and I want my belly button, and eyebrow pierced along with my nose again (the last one I ripped out on accedent).

I understand where you are coming from Whitney, but my parents are against me having any type of piercing. I know they wouldn't allow it so I do it myself, not as a form of rebellion but because it is how I express myself. I know I don't make the smartest choices. Though I do agree that parents shouldn't allow their kids to get tattoo's or piercings at such a young age.

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