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Eyeball Tattoo

June 23rd 2008 14:32
If the eyeball implants didn't do it for you, check this out...

by Howie,, Columbus, OH)

Tattooing your eye is not only possible, it's actually been performed for over 2,000 years (says BME), as it became popular and common in the 19th and 20th centuries to correct defects such as scarring and leucomas. It's actually much less common these days, as contacts cover up the same defects, and they're a lot less expensive and painful.

Cosmetic corneal tattooing by Heidi Lassiter, RN

But see that's actually semi-normal, so to speak, in that it's a medical procedure to correct a defect, but you can actually get the whites of your eyes tattooed

Basically the procedure can be done by hand using a tri-beveled needle and standard drawing ink, not tattoo ink. The needle is dipped in the ink and then poked at an angle into the eye. The eye must periodically be rinsed with saline as the work area gets covered with loose ink. This method has worked for about 90% of patients, but some say that this method doesn't hold the ink too well.

Another hand method is to use a needle and syringe and draw the ink into the syringe and slowly push the ink into the eye tissues at an angle.

Some places use a specialized tattoo machine with a three-needle configuration to tattoo the eye, as they feel it allows a more uniform depth pigmentation.

When healing an eye tattoo, the eye will probably feel irritated and dry. You may feel as though there's something stuck in the eye. You'll, also, experience redness. The actual healing time is the same as regular tattoos, an averaged week.

Eye tattoos are usually performed with a cosmetic tattoo artist and a ophthalmologist.

With any tattoo, you risk infection, so when you tattoo the white of the eye, you can potentionally risk your sight if an infection sets in.

You may just want to consider a custom contact lens instead of actually tattooing your sclera.

40 injections later


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