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Vampire Capes

April 19th 2014 16:18
The vampire subculture varies in appearance. Each person and each group has his/her own ideals. Some dress link the average person with polo shirts and khakis, whereas others may don the traditional gothic vampire style.

The vampire subculture isn't a new fad, not is it going to end any time soon. But a full gothic style is not as prevalent as it once was.

Those who still fill their closets with capes, trench coats and other European traditional clothes may have a special place to find their style.

But, but you can buy vampire capes online from a variety of sources. If you're looking for an authentic cape, be careful of the product descriptions. You may end up with a cheap costume cape.

Check our more vampire capes.


Vampire Subculture

September 22nd 2012 22:19
The Vampire subculture is community of people who practice vampirism in one form or another. Those who practice in this subculture will often dress like vampires.

There are different types of vampires, whether a traditional vampire with a cape, or a more modern vampire with a simple gothic attire.


Kilt's for Men

April 21st 2011 16:32
I've been reading the 'Love at Stake' vampire series by Kerrelyn Sparks, which has got me thinking about kilts. All of the Scottish vampires still wear their traditional kilts.

Men still wear these kilts to show their heritage. Other men wear kilts to show their sexual and masculine side. It may sound crazy, but you'd be surprised.

Kilts for Men can be popular items with men and women. There are some women who actually like the Scottish Highlander theme in bed. Kilts can be sexy and easy access to an unopened desire or fantasy.

Men, keep this in mind when choosing a kilt. You can find kilt thongs, commando kilts, and the traditional plaid kilt.

If you're not sure how your special someone will react to you showing up in the bedroom wearing a kilt, don't sweat it. You'll find more people are attracted to it than who aren't. You may not think you or your significant other will be, but you'll be surprised.

The kilt definitely signifies another era where men were gentlemanly, rough, strong, brave, masculine, and loving.

Kilts are a growing popularity among men these days. They can be comfortable, alluring, and just different. I'll definitely admit that if any man is brave enough to sport a kilt, then he's probably pretty secure in his masculinity.


Fake Tattoo Sleeves

February 28th 2010 20:45
Tattoo sleeves are pretty popular and common these days, but if you want the look but if you want it to be temporary, you can buy fake tattoo arm sleeves, which are pieces of cloth that are worn specifically on your arms, giving the illusion that your arms are fully tattooed.

Don't worry about the material falling and ruining the illusion because you attach the sleeves to your shirt sleeves or tank top so that they don't fall.

The sleeves typically start at the upper arm and go to the wrist. You can use a thick watch or bracelet to cover the wrist, making the material blend better with your arm. But, the sleeves already have a snug fit, so they're not going to hang loose anyway and you won't need any sort of tape to make them appear like skin.

These fake tattoo sleeves are a great alternative than actually getting tattoos if you're just not sure about the permanence of a tattoo.

The tattoo sleeves come in a variety of options from colored tattoos, tribal, black and white tattoos, etc. You will be able to create whatever statement that you're going for with these sleeves.


Buy Skull Shirts

February 19th 2010 20:08
Skulls are really popular amongst the punk and gothic crowd, so there's no questions as to why they wear skull shirts... They like them... Duh...

Well, when shopping for skull shirts, there are TONS of options. If you're buying the shirt as a gift for someone, or if it's for yourself, shop around.

If you're shopping for yourself, you probably think that you've got just about all that there is to get in terms of skull shirts, but you probably haven't seen the half of it. Girl shirts come in a huge variety of colors and styles, whereas if you're a guy, you've got just a few basic styles.

Even if the shirt style is the same, that doesn't mean that the image on the shirt will be similar. Check out some of the below options for skull shirts on eBay. You'll find that eBay is the best place to find anything and everything, even clothes. You may think that all you're going to find is used clothes, but there are many sellers offering new shirts with the tags still attached.


Gothic Purses- Coffin Purse

January 29th 2010 21:53
I haven't seen many people carrying a coffin purse, but they make great gothic purses for those who are into that style. There are many different types that you can choose from with different exterior designs and interior colors and fabrics.

Most of the coffin purses have a clip on shoulder strap that hangs the coffin on its side, as well as a handle

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Wearing Wigs

November 15th 2009 13:35

Wigs are great for many occasions, whether you're just looking for one for Halloween, or if you want to add something special to your clubbing outfit. Wigs have been popular throughout the ages for both men and women; in the 17th century, it was not uncommon to see men in white, powdered wigs and women with artificial hair

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Color Your Own Dress

April 30th 2009 19:05
This is a little stretching it, if you ask me, but I'm sure that many of you will love the idea, or at least find it interesting. Basically, the idea is similar to the posters with the black velvet outlines that children love to color.

This ink couture design lets you, the consumer, get to choose your colors instead of the designer. Do make sure that you use an actual fabric marker instead of a highlighter pen or other type of marker. If you are able to carefully remove the marks, you can even change the colors up, but I'd say for the most part, this dress is a only good for coloring only one time

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Black and Pink Accessories

April 1st 2009 18:55
Black is a generally seen as a goth color, but you can easily spice it up with other bright colors. Most of the time females will use hot pink and lime green to add flare to a black wardrobe. Personally, I'm fond of lime green, but I find that pink adds a nice look to a black outfit, whether that be with pink jewelry, a purse, or whatever.

You can find that black and pink go very well together, and you don't have to be goth or even look goth to pull it off. I have a 100 percent preppy cousin who once had a black and pink purse she carried all the time... Well, whenever it matched her outfit that is

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Ed Hardy Accessories

November 15th 2008 23:41
Don Ed Hardy is an American tattoo artist that is now just a mentor at a tattoo shop in San Francisco, but in 2002, he was approached by Ku USA, Inc, to help design a lign of clothing apparel. Hardy and Ku USA formed Hardy Life LLC. In 2004, Christian Audigier licensed the rights to produce the Ed Hardy clothing line, which is based on Hardy's imagery. To date, there are at least 12 different Ed Hardy stores and his online website.

Ed Hardy is probably one of the newer brands that you'll find is goign to start a pretty big craze. The designer has loads of tattoo and alternative clothing, but we can't forget about he accessories because we all know that it is in the accessory that makes or breaks the outfit

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Tattoo Shoes

November 14th 2008 01:27
Tattoos are pretty popular among people in many locations and of many ages. Itís just a trend, fad, or however you want to look at it that isnít going away in the near future. But, if youíre not quite ready for tattoos on your body, you can purchase tattoo shoes for your feet. Ok, not Iím not talking about realistic tattoos for your feet that you can just remove, Iím talking about real shoes with tattoo designs.

You can find tattoo shoes in a variety of brands to include Vans, Draven, Ed Hardy, Converse, and even J. Fishkicks, which is a relatively new shoe company that features tattoo shoes designed by Cris Garver of Miami Ink

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Spiked Collars

October 21st 2008 22:52
Flickr Image by The Enchanted Forest

Spike collars are no longer jus for dogs. You'll find more and more goth, emo, and punk people wearing spiked collars around their necks and wrists

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Punk Baby Clothes

June 6th 2008 15:31
Ok, so I was the typical child who wore shirts with animals, stripes, dots, and usually pastel colors. That's typically what people dress their young children in, but ever since I met my boyfriend, we've had some pretty interesting discussions about dressing children. He says his kids will wear black clothes with little skulls on them. I personally, can't image that, but I also can't imagine dressing my baby up in something fru-fru.

So, I did a quick search and found that it's actually pretty popular to purchase alternative baby clothes for your children

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What's Up With That Kilt?

May 29th 2008 18:51
by NCreedplayer
Leather Kilt

Ok, so this isn't all that alternative, but it's not too common, either. Kilts are traditionally worn by Scottish and Celtic (more specifically Gaelic) cultures, typically just the men. They exist in various modern forms, which have been designed towards to historical garment, whether that be a Scottish, Gaelic, Northumbrian, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, or the Contemporary kilt

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