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Tattooing a new nipple and areola is a well-known step in breast-reconstruction surgery on women who have had cancer. But, plastic surgeons who usually create their own tattoos can learn from professional tattoo artists when it comes to making the tattoo appear more realistic.

"Traditionally, most nipple-areola tattoos have been created using lighter ink for the areola and a central circle of darker ink for the nipple," said Dr. Eric G. Halvorson, a plastic surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

Nipple-areola tattoos are usually performed about three months after the breast reconstruction surgery to allow natural healing time for the initial surgery.

The traditional techniques for nipple-areola tattooing ignore the aesthetic principles of light and shadows but are a basic 2D design. Professional tattoo artists can create a more 3D look that can appear more realistic and even hide any asymmetrical construction.

The tattoos created by doctors don't measure up to professional artists because medical practitioners use machines that work at higher speeds, resulting in a longer healing time, more scarring and poorer ink retention.

The pigment colors that are used in medical facilities are also limited, which can definitely cause a problem if your skin color isn't available.

Unfortunately, many medical practitioners can attempt to create a 3D look, it's hard to achieve with the supplies that are available. But, many women do not want to go to a tattoo shop to have a more natural tattoo, but prefer their doctor's office.


Septum Piercings

May 26th 2014 19:11
The septum piercing is placed in the cartilage area between the nose. Because the nose is relatively dirty, you want to keep it clean with a new septum piercing. Otherwise, bacteria can easily infect a new piercing.

It takes about about 1-3 months to heal a septum piercing.

The one nice thing about a septum piercing is that once healed, it is easily hidden. You can flip a horseshoe barbell upwards to hide the piercing.

Generally, a 14, 16 or 18 gauge piece of jewelry is used.

Scarlett Johansson has a septum piercing.

Stretched Septum Piercing

Pictures of Cherry Tree Tattoos

May 3rd 2014 16:34
Cherry tree tattoos are very popular among females, as they are a sign of femininity. Common placement of cherry blossom tattoos include the side and back. Generally cherry tree tattoos are placed where they will cure along the woman's body.


Pictures of Tree Tattoos

April 26th 2014 16:19
Trees are a popular tattoo as there is a lot of meaning behind a tree.

The most common meanings of a tree include life, immortality and rejuvenation. Trees go dormant in the winter months and come back alive in the spring and summer months.

Some cultures view trees as symbols of strength, wisdom, protection, growth and forgiveness.

Trees that show the roots may symbolize the person feeling well-grounded or even some connection to the past.

Different types of trees also have different meanings. For example, the cherry tree is often a sign of femininity, whereas the apple tree often represents a dual nature of good and evil. Elm trees mean commitment; hawthorn trees mean happiness; aspen trees may symbolize the end of something; and holly trees often symbolize religion and faith.


Vampire Capes

April 19th 2014 16:18
The vampire subculture varies in appearance. Each person and each group has his/her own ideals. Some dress link the average person with polo shirts and khakis, whereas others may don the traditional gothic vampire style.

The vampire subculture isn't a new fad, not is it going to end any time soon. But a full gothic style is not as prevalent as it once was.

Those who still fill their closets with capes, trench coats and other European traditional clothes may have a special place to find their style.

But, but you can buy vampire capes online from a variety of sources. If you're looking for an authentic cape, be careful of the product descriptions. You may end up with a cheap costume cape.

Check our more vampire capes.


Bill Passman World Tattoo

February 18th 2014 00:09

Bill Passman is a former lawyer in Louisiana. He has been tracing his travels with a large world map on his back

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Lesya and Rouslan - Face Tattoo

January 24th 2014 21:49

Now this is definitely a brave woman

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What Careers Accept Tattoos

January 12th 2014 21:46
There aren't many companies these days that allow visible tattoos within the workplace. But, it seems millions of people have tattoos. Tattoos aren't a fad. They've been around for many years and throughout many cultures.

Many people in the IT/graphic design, marketing-type fields have tattoos, but that doesn't mean that it is accepted by management or company policy

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Tattoo of Quill Pen

November 29th 2013 01:18

Pictures of Eye Tattoos

November 21st 2013 01:26
With an eye tattoo, there is so much meaning behind the eye. Depending on what you're going for and what the image means to you, the options and styles are limitless.

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